The old adage of “It is not the camera nor the lens that make photographs great but the photographer who takes them” is ever so true today as it was a century ago. Your investment in our photography workshop will yield results quickly as you will learn new photography techniques that you can apply immediately to the way you take photographs. Through 4 days of intensive hands on experience you will discover how master photographers were able to capture such stunning images. Some of their secrets will also be revealed to you as your instructor shows you step by step the practical as well as the technical aspects of the art of photography.

  • How our workshops work

    Each our photography workshops are limited to a few attendees, (max 8). We suggest that you register early to reserve your seat as they sell out fast. You will also save an additional 20% by registering early and be given priority to register for future workshops before official workshop announcements.

    The Photography Workshops are designed on a 4 days schedule, commence on Thursday and end on Sunday. In total workshop consists of more 20 hours of theory and practice with strong emphasis on hands-on experience with the application of photography fundamentals and techniques. During the workshop, each participant will work on various photography techniques to create a framework to further his/her photography skills.

    What you need – Gear 
    On our first day, we begin with fundamentals of photography, and we invite you to take notes. Each day, we will be walking to practice our newly acquired photography techniques and skills. We recommend that you bring two of your favorite lenses and camera. After the first day, you will need your laptop with Adobe Lightroom (30day free trial available) for hands-on experience at editing your photographs for best results.

    What you will gain – Knowledge & Skills
    Our workshops are designed to improve your level of photography by introducing you to new concepts and theories that can immediately be applied. During the workshop, you will be working with others who are also seeking to expand their knowledge of photography. Most attendees own cameras and lenses but are not required to own for attending the workshop. We believe that the most important element in capturing better photographs is the person behind the camera.

    Topics Covered – Discussions & Assignments
    Attending a Photography Workshop is a unique way of learning new skills while forming new friendships with camera enthusiasts. We will be discussing a variety of photography related topics with questions and answers to help you to master secrets of legendary photographers as well as learn tips and techniques on how to capture better photographs. As we walk through the city streets, you will get a chance to put what you have learned into practice and complete various assignments that will greatly benefit your photography skills. We will examine and edit photographs which you have taken to solidify your understanding of theories and concepts thought during the workshop.

    Results – Better Photography 
    When you complete our Photography Workshop, you can expect to be more confident and skilled at taking photographs. In the following months with consistent application of principals thought during the workshop, you will see improvements in your photographs. Techniques and secrets that you have learned will stay with you for years to come, and when you are ready, you can take your photography to the next level by attending one of our Advance Photography Workshops.



    Your instructor, Oz Yilmaz has over 20 years experience as a photographer to help you advance your skills to capture amazing photographs. Our workshops are designed for small groups that allow your instructor to discuss with you one on one ways to improve your photography.

    We believe that everyone has their own unique style of photography which can only be developed by understanding and implementing the fundamentals of photography. As you implement the techniques you have learned during our workshop, you will immediately begin to see improvements in your photography skills. We invite you to take the first step in becoming a better photographer.