The old adage of “It is not the camera nor the lens that make photographs great but the photographer who takes them” is ever so true today as it was a century ago. Your investment in our photography workshop will yield results quickly as you will learn new photography techniques that you can apply immediately to the way you take photographs. Through 5 days of intensive hands-on experience, you will discover how master photographers were able to capture such stunning images. Some of their secrets will also be revealed to you as your instructor shows you step by step the practical as well as the technical aspects of the art of photography.




    Dates: Wednesday, May 22 – Sunday, May 26, 2019
    $5,895 – Double occupancy accommodations (Single room supplement available for $750) (5 Nights)
    Limited to 8 attendees
    Included in the cost of the trip:
    • Double occupancy accommodation (Single room available for $750)
    • Farewell dinner
    • One lunch
    • All transportation except flights
    • Expert local guide
    • Thirty hours of Photography instruction
    • Adobe Lightroom post-processing instruction
    • Photography review sessions
    • One on one discussion with your instructor


    Think of a Photography workshop designed to take your photography to the next level, practical knowledge that you can apply right away to capture better photographs.

    Our Photography Workshops are designed to help you fine tune your skills and help you to apply new techniques to improve your photography.  We believe that It is not the camera nor the lens that make photographs great but the photographer who takes them. This is why we take the time to give you hands-on experience and help you master the correct way to compose and capture images.

    If you want to see your confidence skyrocket in photography, then our workshops are perfect for you. You will learn new photography techniques as well as the secret of professional photographers. At our photography workshops, you will easily understand difficult concepts in photography as we show you one on one how each theory is applied to capture better photographs. If you have been searching for a way to improve your photography, then this is the workshop you need to attend.


    About your instructor

    Oz Yilmaz has over 20 years experience in photography. He is the founder of Pelicula Films and has produced numerous award-winning feature films and documentaries.

    Photography Workshop

    He has authored 11 books and has appeared on television programs as an expert.

    Photography Workshop
    Photography Workshop
    Photography Workshop
    During his career that spanned more than 20 years, he has traveled to different regions around the world on photography assignments. His extensive knowledge of lenses and cameras has been pivotal in helping industry professionals achieve better results. As an experienced photographer, he has empowered many aspiring photographers to improve their skills and expertise in photography through his workshops.
    Leica M Monochrom Typ 246 Camera - Monochrome Photography by master photographer Oz Yilmaz explains Monochrome Photography techniques and tips, tutorial.
    Your instructor, Oz Yilmaz has over 20 years experience as a photographer to help you advance your skills to capture amazing photographs. Our workshops are designed for small groups of attendees that allow your instructor to discuss with you one on one ways to improve your photography.
    Leica Photography Tips - Leica Review - Photography tutorial - Leica Photography Tutorial
    We believe that everyone has their own unique style of photography which can only be developed by understanding and implementing the fundamentals of photography. As you apply the techniques you have learned during our workshop, you will immediately begin to see improvements in your photography skills. We invite you to take the first step in becoming a better photographer.
    Taiwan Photography Workshop

    How our workshops work

    Each of our photography workshops is limited to a few attendees, (max 8). We suggest that you register early to reserve your seat as they sell out fast. You will also save an additional 20% by registering early and be given priority to register for future workshops before official workshop announcements.

    Our Photography Workshops are designed on a 4 days schedule, commence on Thursday and end on Sunday. In total workshop consists of more 20 hours of theory and practice with strong emphasis on hands-on experience with the application of photography fundamentals and techniques. During the workshop, each participant will work on various photography techniques to create a framework to further his/her photography skills.

    Leica Noctilux 50mm Lens – A Historical Review - Leica Review - Oz Yilmaz
    What you need – Gear 
    On our first day, we begin with the fundamentals of photography, and we invite you to take notes. Each day, we will be walking to practice our newly acquired photography techniques and skills. We recommend that you bring two of your favorite lenses and camera. After the first day, you will need your laptop with Adobe Lightroom (30day free trial available) for hands-on experience at editing your photographs for best results.
    What you will gain – Knowledge & Skills
    Our workshops are designed to improve your level of photography by introducing you to new concepts and theories that can immediately be applied. During the workshop, you will be working with others who are also seeking to expand their knowledge of photography. Most attendees own Leica cameras and lenses but are not required to own for attending the workshop. We believe that the most important element in capturing better photographs is the person behind the camera.
    Topics Covered – Discussions & Assignments
    Attending a Photography Workshop is a unique way of learning new skills while forming new friendships with Leica enthusiasts. We will be discussing a variety of photography related topics with questions and answers to help you to master secrets of legendary photographers as well as learn tips and techniques on how to capture better photographs. As we walk through the city streets, you will get a chance to put what you have learned into practice and complete various assignments that will greatly benefit your photography skills. We will examine and edit the photographs which you have taken to solidify your understanding of theories and concepts thought during the workshop.

    Results – Better Photography 

    When you complete our Photography Workshop, you can expect to be more confident and skilled at taking photographs. In the following months with consistent application of principals thought during the workshop, you will see improvements in your photographs. Techniques and secrets that you have learned will stay with you for years to come, and when you are ready, you can take your photography to the next level by attending one of our Advance Photography Workshops.


    DAY 1: 10 am – 4 pm: We begin with a discussion on photography. A question and answer session will follow then assignments for the day will be given. It is a very relaxing environment with the aim to understand the goals and aspirations of the attendees as well as learn some fundamental concepts of capturing photographs.
    DAY 2: 10 am – 6 pm: We begin with the first assignment. Your instructor Oz Yilmaz will accompany you as you complete your first assignment. Then, we take a lunch break to assess and discuss the assignment. The second assignment is where you will work in groups of two to capture photographs to present to the group. We meet halfway through the afternoon and talk about the progress on the assignment followed by a  presentation of photographs to the group. Question and answer session completes the second day.
    DAY 3 – 10 am – 6 pm: We start the day with a discussion on photography secrets, principals of composition, light, depth of field, the rule of thirds. In the early afternoon, each participant will work on an assignment using the principals introduced earlier in the day. Upon completing the assignment group will gather to present their photographs and experiences. We will then begin editing and discussing Adobe Lightroom techniques including Kelvin scale, highlights, contrast, exposure, and much more. As always your instructor will answer your questions and give you tips on how to use what you have learned during the day.
    DAY 4 – 10 am – 4 pm: Morning will consist of a group discussion on photography techniques introducing architectural, portrait, street photography fundamentals. We go out as a group on photography assignments. Your instructor, Oz Yilmaz will give you tips on how to improve your photography while you complete your assignment. In the afternoon, we will work on some advanced Adobe Lightroom techniques and have a group discussion followed by one on one talk with your instructor.
    DAY 5 – 10 am – 4 pm: We will travel with our local guide to various locations to practice new skills and techniques which will be followed by a group lunch courtesy of Leica Review team. Your instructor will show you how to use your surrounding to better compose photographs and get better results.  There will be a photography presentation from the group.

    Due to the limited number of openings, we require full payment to be made at the time of the registration.  Along with your registration form, you will have confirmation and details of your workshop.

    Withdrawal and Refund Policy
    The enrollment is limited to 8 attendees, and once you sign up, we are counting on your attendance. If you need to withdraw from this workshop, please notify us in writing (email is acceptable) as soon as possible. You will be allowed to rebook for a future photography workshop. We will only apply a credit towards another workshop. There is no refund.

    Remember your attendance is only valid with full payment.

    Course Cancellation and Other Terms
    Leica Review reserves the right to cancel a reservation or photography workshop. In the event that this workshop must be canceled due to inadequate enrollment, all fees and deposits will be refunded in full or may be transferred to another workshop within 24 months.

    In the unlikely event of illness, accident or injury to your of the instructor, Leica Review reserves the right to replace your instructor with a comparable instructor.

    Travel Insurance
    Leica Review is not responsible for cancellations due to medical or personal emergencies so we highly recommend purchasing Travel Insurance. Companies like Travelex and Allianz Global Assistance are reputable but you can choose any vendor you like. Just make sure that they have an A+ rating from the BBB. Travel insurance generally costs 5-7% of your total trip cost. Leica Review is not responsible for reimbursement of non-refundable airline tickets in the event of a workshop cancellation.

    There are no transfers for workshop registrations.

    There are no exceptions to our Cancellation and Transfer Policy.




    Your Hong Kong photography workshop was by far the most informative experience I have ever had. Please come again. Thank you. –  H. Wong (Hong Kong)
    It is my second time attending your photography workshop. Each time I learn new techniques. Your knowledge of photography is vast, and you are an inspirational teacher. Thank you. – P. Chow (Hong Kong)
    Attending your advanced workshop in Los Angeles has clarified all the concepts I have learned while studying photography at UCLA. It helped me to take the next step in becoming a professional photographer. I believe you teach more in 4 days of photography workshops then what I have learned in an entire semester of courses. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone who thinks their photography is good to take one of your workshops and see how much further they can go! All the best. – A.C Gonzales (Los Angeles)
    Thank You, Oz San. You are a great teacher and photographer. – Y. Yamaguchi (Tokyo)
    You have helped me to take my photography to a new level. Today, I look for ways to take better photographs based on techniques I have learned from you. Thank you. I will be attending your workshop in New York next fall. Cordially – Dr. M. Pascal (Los Angeles)
    Photography can be simple and fun, that is what I have discovered in your Berlin workshop. I also met many amazing people. I feel very comfortable and at ease when I take photographs. In a matter of four days, you have changed the way I think of photography. My friends and family have also noticed how my photos keep getting better. – M. Müller (Berlin)
    You are the first person to teach the secrets of legendary photographers. I appreciate that you are so open to sharing what you know. Please accept our sincerest appreciation for your kindness and generosity in helping each and every one of us in our group; you are always welcome in Sydney. .- H.W. Williams (Sydney)

    Full Package $5895, Workshop Only $2400